Missing dog rings family’s doorbell at 3 AM to tell them she’s home

Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Wahick are the owners of a dog named Rajah.

When fireworks started going off one day in South Carolina, this dog got scared and ran away from home.

The unfortunate owners were never able to find it.

They tried to find her in every way.

They even shared posts on social media and asked people to help them.

Mary Lynn said Rajah was probably somewhere near their area. In addition, she emphasized that there are phone numbers on her tag.

This couple wandered around believing they would find Rajah, but to no avail.

After a rough day, Mary Lynn and Ryan just had to give up and go home.

However, a miracle happened at 3 AM. Someone rang their doorbell.

Do you know who it was? Rajah!

Watch the video:

Because of this, we should always keep in mind that animals are afraid of the sounds of fireworks or firecrackers.

Besides, it can hurt them.

Source: Animal Channel