Man in wheelchair finds companionship with large cheetah after motorbike accident

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, but in this case it’s a cheetah.

Joan Lascorz used to be a race car driver, but after an accident he was no longer able to do so. Now he uses a wheelchair, and his best friend has become a cheetah.

In 2002, Joan had an accident in Italy. Then everything went downhill in his life. Now, he cannot control his lower limbs at all.

He didn’t want to give up, he wanted to continue driving the car, but now he has the greatest motivation in his friend.

This cheetah behaves like any other pet, although it is much larger.

Joan is very good with cats, so they quickly became friends.

It is quite difficult for people to understand that someone can live with a cheetah, but the two have an amazing relationship.

The cheetah follows Joan wherever she moves around the house.

Although this animal is huge, its best friend treats it very kindly.

Joan publishes on her Instagram profile the wonderful moments they spend together. They really have a wonderful relationship that you don’t see every day.

Like all other pets, the cheetah likes to rest its head on the lap of its best friend.