Momma deer brings her newborn babies to meet her best friend dog

Many times we have seen how animals can have strong relationships with other animals and even different species. This golden retriever and deer have been on very good terms for more than 10 years, G-Bro and Buttons, a beautiful dog and a rescued deer.

The owner of G-Bro heard a little over 10 years ago that a deer was injured in a collision and immediately came to help. She didn’t know how to treat a deer, but she decided to bring it to her home. That turned out to be a complete hit.

Lorrie said she immediately rushed to the rescue when she learned the news that the deer had been hit by a car. She wanted that deer live life in the wild, but also to be with them.


When it came time for Buttons to return to his natural habitat after a full recovery, everyone decided to accept it.

But it seems to the deer that was not in the plan. Buttons wanted to stay with his friend G-Bro and other family members.

Even from the wild after a year she often returned to his family and hung out with her friend and cat. Everyone knew that the grateful deer often came and they were happy about it.

She appears often at the door of the house, and if no one reacts then she slowly touches the door with her paw to realize that she has come and wants to hang out.

One big surprise for everyone was when Buttons didn’t come alone. She had her two cubs with her, whom she brought to show to her best friend and the whole family. Her friend the dog immediately liked the cubs and is now constantly by her side and helping her with whatever she needs.