Moose and her calves spending the entire day in family’s backyard

On an ordinary day in Anchorage, Alaska, Ryan Ryndstrom witnessed an unusual spectacle unfolding in front of his house. A mother moose and her two calves had taken a liking to his yard and decided to make it their home for the entire day. Ryan, seizing the opportunity, documented their every move.

The moose family thoroughly explored the surroundings, occasionally retreating to the grass for breaks. Ryan observed their activities from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., capturing the moments on camera and sharing the footage with the world. This unique experience served as a refreshing break for Ryan from his usual work of editing concert recordings for the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.

Throughout the day, the moose adjusted their positions, unaware of Ryan’s discreet presence. Despite some excursions around the neighborhood, they always returned to the yard. Ryan noted that the mother moose seemed to struggle with breathing in the early morning, possibly explaining their extended rest on the grass.

While lounging in the yard, the moose interacted with plants and decorations, displaying typical playful behavior. Ryan’s neighbor even intervened to protect a curious calf from attempting to eat a light bulb, fearing it might harm the calf.

The moose family left the yard momentarily but returned to continue their playful antics, with the calves engaging in typical baby behavior. Another cow with her calf passed through the yard in the evening, but Ryan, preoccupied with the moose family, missed the opportunity to film them.

The picturesque scenes were beautifully captured by Rolands Rydstrom, providing a delightful glimpse into a day in the life of a moose family in Anchorage.