Flight attendants deviate from protocol to rescue a dog’s life mid-flight

In numerous instances, we’ve heard heartwarming stories of dogs saving their owners, but here’s a unique tale where flight attendants stepped in to rescue a dog in distress.

Michele Burt, accompanied by her husband Steven and their dogs, was on a JetBlue flight from Florida to Massachusetts. Despite their seasoned experience with air travel, this journey took an unexpected turn.

The couple had three dogs in carriers beneath their seats, a routine for them given their frequent flights. However, mid-flight, Michele noticed that Darcy, one of their French Bulldogs, was struggling to breathe.

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Ignoring the rules, Michele opened the carrier door to allow Darcy some relief, as the dog’s tongue had turned blue, indicating a lack of oxygen. Renaud Fenster, an unaware flight attendant, initially instructed Michele to return Darcy to the carrier, citing regulations.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Renaud consulted with fellow flight attendant Diane Asher, and together they sprang into action.

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Initially attempting to cool the distressed dog with ice proved ineffective. Drawing on her personal experience as a French Bulldog owner, Renaud took a bold step that contradicted regulations but prioritized the dog’s well-being.

She fetched an oxygen tank with a breathing mask, providing crucial assistance that ultimately saved Darcy’s life.

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The compassionate intervention by these flight attendants played a pivotal role in ensuring Darcy’s survival.  Grateful for the life-saving act, Michele penned a heartfelt letter expressing her gratitude to JetBlue and the exceptional flight attendants, Renaud and Diane, who went beyond their duty.

Michele’s letter, detailing the incident, can be found on the social media accounts of The Everyday Jumpseater. JetBlue, acknowledging and celebrating their employees’ exemplary actions, expressed pride in the positive impact their team had.

The airline emphasized its commitment to inspiring humanity through such instances where employees’ passion for customer service shines through.