One by one, dog lovingly puts her newborn puppies into her foster mom’s lap

Stevoni Wells Doyle’s decade-long journey as a dog foster parent took an unexpected turn when a pregnant Pit Bull named Graycee entered her life. It was a heartwarming surprise that unfolded over the course of the past three weeks when Stevoni, an avid supporter of Utah-based Rescue Rovers, came to Graycee’s rescue.

A mere two years of age, Graycee recently welcomed a litter of 11 precious puppies, a moment that took Stevoni by pleasant surprise. What truly touched her heart, however, was the way Graycee carefully picked up each pup, one by one, and placed them gently on her lap, an endearing moment that was beautifully captured on video.

Stevoni surmised that, as a first-time mother, Graycee sought reassurance and comfort. “She laid on me and wanted me to love her too”, explained Doyle. “She would crawl onto my lap and nurse my puppies if I would let her.”

Despite having provided foster care to more than a hundred dogs, Stevoni acknowledged the unique and profound bond she shared with a pregnant dog. She remains committed to this noble cause and plans to continue fostering. Yet, she recognized the exceptional nature of Graycee’s actions, describing how the Pit Bull was the first to bring her puppies over and offer them up as if to say “here you go.”

For those wondering why the room featured in the video appeared so sparsely furnished, a friend of Stevoni and the rescue organization clarified on Reddit that such bare rooms are typically used as birthing and puppy rooms. The reason for this is that puppies, in their earliest stages, lack the ability to manage their bodily functions properly. In addition, potential safety hazards exist for both the young puppies and humans when the pups are allowed free range of the house.

The plastic swimming pool seen in the room serves a vital purpose in managing the birthing process, as it is filled with towels, sheets, and other materials to ensure the comfort of the mother and her puppies. It also provides a retreat for the mother dog when she needs a respite from her energetic offspring.

As the puppies grow and develop, they will gradually transition to other areas of the house, contingent on their progress with potty training and other factors. Ultimately, once they reach the appropriate age for spaying or neutering and can thrive independently, they will become available for adoption through Red Rover.

The heartwarming story of Graycee and her precious puppies demonstrates the beauty of fostering and the remarkable bonds that can form between humans and the animals they care for. It is through these acts of compassion that countless lives are touched and transformed.

Source: Reshareworthy