Owner dumps dog on the side of a road, thanks to the girl who filmed, the story has a happy ending

Since this incident was caught on camera, everything ended happily.

A girl who saw someone throw a small dog out of a car and leave it on the side of the road filmed everything.

She was riding a bicycle at the time, so she went home and soon returned with the car.

When she shared the video online, people were shocked.

A man who lived near where the incident happened decided to try to find the dog.

For two days, he searched for him in every possible way, but he did not want to reveal his identity.

Soon, a video surfaced showing a rescued dog playing in someone’s yard.

People made sure that he got the attention and love he didn’t have before, and of course the food he couldn’t live without.

Thanks to wonderful people, and above all to the girl who filmed and the man who didn’t want to give up the search, this dog is now happy.