Golden dog rejoices, tears non-stop when meeting owner again after 5 years away

What happened recently in China melted everyone’s heart.

The man told how 5 years ago, when he lived alone, he adopted a golden retriever. That dog was very smart and it didn’t take much for him to learn how to behave.

Man and dog had a very close relationship and became best friends.

The dog always greeted the man when he came tired from work. Whenever a man was sad, a dog would be there to comfort him.

Basically, as it usually happens with dogs, they give us all the love they have.

However, everyone has ups and downs in life, including this man.

When he was forced to move due to his financial situation, he could no longer properly care for his pet. After much thought, he gave dog to his friend to give dog a better life.

After arriving at his new home, this golden retriever didn’t eat for a while. He was very unhappy at first, but later he managed to adapt.

After 5 years of effort and care for the dog, he was finally stable. Then the former owner came to visit him to see how he was doing.

No one expected such a dog’s reaction to meeting its former owner.

Everything was clear to the dog because he slowly approached the man and wrapped his arms around his legs. He was very happy and even cried. The man felt sorry for not being able to take care of him, so he left him.

Considering that we are the whole world to our dogs, we should think carefully when we part with them.

What will happen is that we will definitely break their hearts if we leave them and they will definitely miss us.