Photographer captured a laughing dormouse perched on a flower

The dormouse is a rodent from the family of Gliridae.

These creatures are known for hibernation because they sleep for a very long time during the winter.

Otherwise, they are found on trees, bushes or walls. They feed on fruits, nuts, bird eggs and some small animals and insects.

“Edible dormouse” is the largest species, it is gray and its tail is 8 cm long.

Andrea Zampatti

“The laughing dormouse” is the winner of the land category in 2017, Comedy Wildlife Awards.

Andrea Zampatti is the owner of the photo and has delighted many people with it.

This amazing photographer really has the right timing which definitely complements the quality of her photos.

These are some of her photos:

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Andrea Zampatti

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Andrea Zampatti

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Andrea Zampatti


Andrea Zampatti

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Andrea Zampatti

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Source: TheInfo