Pregnant pit bull almost giving birth cried for her puppies in cold night after being abandoned

Not all dog owners are good, as this example shows.

The owner of this pit bull left her pregnant one cold night. This is really ugly behavior of the owner towards a pregnant dog.

Fortunately, several people were passing by and saw this unfortunate dog. They decided to save her.

Security cameras caught the moment this dog was left on the street.

The sad dog didn’t know why her owner was leaving him, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

The day after, three people found her and decided to help her. Given that this dog knew she was about to give birth soon, she immediately accepted the help of strangers.

They gave her food and took her to the vet.

The unfortunate dog was very sad and scared, but the vet said that everything was fine and that she should rest before the ultrasound.

He soon examined her and realized that the puppies were on their way.

This dog went through a lot of hard times, but now everything is finally okay. She even found a woman willing to take care of them.

A brave mother gave birth to five adorable puppies.

For now, this good woman will take care of all of them until they grow up a bit, and then she will find a new home for some of them.

We wish all the best to this woman with a big heart, but also to a brave dog who lived through many difficult moments.