Pitbull without a leash rushes towards screaming child, then owner discovers horrible reason why

One of the canine breeds that often faces unwarranted misconceptions worldwide is the pit bull. Unfortunately, their reputation hasn’t been positively influenced by the stereotypes surrounding them. Many associate pit bulls with aggression and violence, but as with any dog breed, their behavior largely depends on the owner’s training and upbringing.

Similar to children, dogs require consistent and effective training. While pit bulls may be larger and possess stronger bites than some other breeds, they can be trained to exhibit good behavior and kindness. Despite their intimidating appearance, it’s crucial not to judge these dogs solely based on their looks. Many pit bulls share joyous moments with other dogs and showcase their affectionate nature.

An exemplar of the remarkable qualities in pit bulls is Hurley, a courageous and intelligent dog that went above and beyond to protect a young boy from a snake.

Stacie Rae English, the sister of Hurley’s owner, was deeply moved by the incident and shared the story on Facebook. She recounted the event:

“Late at night, my brother was walking his pit bull lab mix, Hurley, in our neighborhood field. He allows Hurley off the leash at this time to indulge in his love for exploring different scents. Suddenly, they heard a young kid scream, and without hesitation, Hurley sprinted towards the sound.”

“As my brother caught up, he witnessed Hurley snatch a copperhead snake away from the little boy, vigorously tossing it around until it was confirmed dead. The young boy rushed to his mother’s vehicle and left so swiftly that my brother couldn’t gather any information. (We assume he was bitten and urgently taken to the ER). Subsequently, my brother contacted animal control, and the Highland Village Cops arrived to assess the situation.”

“They examined Hurley for signs of a snake bite. To my brother’s surprise, Hurley was bleeding, had a swollen neck, and foamed from his mouth. Two puncture wounds were discovered in his upper lip. Hurley was promptly taken to Denton Animal Emergency Hospital, where he stayed overnight for multiple blood clotting tests.”

“Shelby and Hurley returned home the next morning. Thankfully, Hurley is recovering well, albeit a bit uncomfortable with his swollen face and neck”, Stacie Ray reports.

What a close call! Hurley’s actions were truly commendable.

Stacie concludes by expressing: “It was later revealed that the little boy had stumbled upon a copperhead nest, and hopefully, Hurley prevented him from getting bitten, or at least from multiple bites. We are still trying to locate the little boy to ensure he is okay. Here’s our hero pit bull. Let’s share his story to challenge stereotypes about his breed”.

This incident serves as a powerful reminder that not all pit bulls should be judged negatively. In fact, they can exhibit extraordinary bravery and even save lives in critical situations. Let’s spread the word to appreciate and acknowledge Hurley’s exceptional courage!