This abandoned aircraft hangar is located 60 kilometers from Berlin. When you see what’s inside, you’ll be amazed!

Situated approximately 60 kilometers away from the vibrant city of Berlin, within the confines of Brandenburg, Germany, is an extraordinary tropical haven that beckons visitors with its allure, captivating up to 6,000 individuals daily.

Enduring daily temperatures ranging between -1 and 10 degrees Celsius in the surrounding region, the prospect of having access to a locale boasting tropical warmth, where one can unwind and indulge in day-long swimming, presents itself as an enticing proposition!

Initially designed as an aircraft hangar, this colossal structure measures 360 meters in length, 213 meters in width, and stands at an impressive height of 106 meters. In 2003, a Malaysian corporation acquired this monumental space, orchestrating a remarkable transformation into an authentic tropical retreat, complete with internal temperatures maintained at a balmy 25 degrees Celsius.

Step inside, and you’ll discover a simulated beach, an array of pools, lush tropical flora, as well as inviting bars and restaurants. To visually experience the splendor of it all, take a glance through the captivating photo gallery provided below.