Pittie Loves To Nap On Dad’s Shoulder, Although She’s A Big Girl Now

Puppies born from the same litter often find themselves on separate paths to forever families, but a few fortunate ones manage to stay together, basking in the joy of shared experiences, common interests, and sibling playfulness.

Meet Norman and Annabelle, two dogs who can truly call themselves the luckiest canines ever, as they’ve been inseparable from the very beginning of their lives.

Their story began on a day that some consider unlucky, Friday the 13th. However, for Norman and Annabelle, it marked the beginning of a charmed life, born under what seemed to be a lucky star.


Their journey unfolded in Maryland, where Bobby Keane and his wife, Danni, opened their hearts and home to a pregnant Pitbull girl just days away from giving birth. The couple felt the responsibility to offer a chance at survival to the expectant mom and her soon-to-arrive litter of 12 puppies.

Caring for a single dog is already a considerable task, but nurturing a dozen adorable pups and their mother added a new level of challenge to the Keane family’s life. They initially had no intention of keeping any of the puppies, but as any dog lover can understand, some of those little furballs were simply too irresistible to resist.

Enter Norman and Annabelle, the sibling BFFs who would become an integral part of the Keane family.

As it often happens, boys tend to bond with their mommies, while little girls gravitate toward their daddies. Norman quickly formed a special connection with Danni and her daughter, while Annabelle chose another member of the family to call her own.

Annabelle’s unique bond with her human dad, Bobby, began when she was just three weeks old. One night, she fell asleep on his shoulder, and the habit continued. Bobby’s shoulder soon became Annabelle’s favorite nap spot.


“One night when Annabelle was 3 weeks old, Bobby picked her up and put her on his shoulder, and she fell asleep. It became a regular thing after that. They bonded in that moment. He’s never tried to stop her from doing it. There will be times when she gets a little overbearing, and he makes her move until she calms down, but once she does, she comes back and falls asleep on his shoulder”, Danni explained.

A video capturing Annabelle’s adorable habit launched her and her brother into the world of canine celebrities.


It’s her shoulder #dogdad #dogsoftiktok

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Even today, years later, Annabelle continues to snooze on her dad’s shoulder, despite her substantial 50-pound frame. She may have grown in size, but she remains a puppy at heart and a true daddy’s girl.


Bobby and Danni never sought fame or social media stardom for their beloved pets. Their journey into the world of social media was a natural progression, as they shared short videos documenting their dogs’ daily antics. The videos resonated with an audience that couldn’t get enough of Norman and Annabelle’s charming adventures.

“We never know what is going to go viral, LOL. We have never been social media people, and we never would have thought we’d be running a social media account for our dogs, but here we are. We don’t take it too seriously. We do it for fun. It’s our way of making a video diary of sorts of our lives with our dogs. It’s something sweet we will be able to look back on once they’ve passed”, explained Danni.

Norman and Annabelle, affectionately known as the Little Monsters on Instagram and TikTok, have garnered a dedicated fanbase. Every aspect of their lives, from playful moments with a giant ball to providing emotional support to their dad while he works, becomes a viral video, eagerly anticipated by their online community.


Replying to @daneeelah no wonder they like it better with the cover, it doesn’t blend in with the grass anymore #horsemenspride #herdingball #dogtoys #dogsoftiktok

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How am I supposed to work in these conditions #dogdad #pittieprincess #daddysgirl

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The pair enjoys a structured daily routine filled with mental stimulation activities and exciting adventures. They explore parks, hike trails, and even enjoy SniffSpot rentals.

Their loving human parents, Bobby and Danni, make them two of the luckiest pups in the world. Norman and Annabelle have grown into affectionate and caring dogs, shining examples of their breed, the American Bullies.

Their life with Bobby and Danni is a testament to the power of family, reminding us that it’s not just the most important thing; it’s everything.