Precious video shows baby monkey caring for baby ducks like they’re his family

Watching animals as they socialize always brings a smile to people’s faces. This little monkey with his duckling friends amazed the whole internet. Their socializing is filmed and it’s really adorable to see.

Millions of views were given to a video showing a little monkey caring for five little ducks. He treats them like they are family and they are really special.

It is not known where these adorable creatures came from together, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is how nicely they socialize and take care of each other. The little ducks treat the monkey like a mother, and he hugs them all the time.

After hanging out, everyone ate together. The monkey got its own milk which contains many nutrients and the little ducklings ate cooked rice. However, when they ate, they immediately continued to socialize and play.

The monkey is used to ducklings being with him all the time, so if they doesn’t happen to be there for a moment, he is very surprised.

This is definitely a very cute video.