Puppy abandoned outside supermarket can’t hide her happiness as someone came to take her home

It’s hard to see abandoned animals on the street, but fortunately there are good people who provide a home for such animals.

This puppy is one of those lucky ones, because he got his new home.

Takis Shelter posted these scenes. By the way, they deal with rescuing these unfortunate animals in Greece.

At first, this puppy was alone in a box, waiting for someone to adopt him.

Unfortunately, many people pass by without even noticing these poor creatures on the street.

Takis decided to take this dog with him and give him a new home. By the way, he founded the shelter of the same name.

Maisie was the new name of this now happy dog. There was no end to her happiness.

Although she had a beautiful life in the shelter, she needed a family to always be there for her. Soon that also happened. A loving couple adopted her and gave her incredible happiness.

Thanks to wonderful people like Takis, the shelter people and this couple, Maisie is now living a beautiful life.

Watch the video:

Source: Dog Inspiration