Ranger carries 200lb baby elephant on shoulders through forest to save its life

Many people would do anything to help animals in need, but this forest ranger went a step further.

It didn’t take him long to think when he saw the helpless elephant. He immediately took him upon himself and saved him.

These incredible scenes were captured on camera.

Indian Forest Service

Palanichamy Sarathkumar from India, specifically from Tamil Nadu, is a man with a big heart. He is 28 years old, and he has already proven what a man he is.

When he was leaving work one night, he found out that an elephant had stopped on the road and was not moving. He immediately reacted together with his colleagues and helped the elephant to go back into the forest. Only later did this keeper understand what exactly happened and why that elephant was on the road.

Indian Forest Service

There was a small elephant nearby that couldn’t help itself after getting stuck in the canal. Without thinking this guard took him on his shoulders and helped him out of trouble.

Indian Forest Service

As Palanichamy told BBC News, this elephant was heavier than him, but that didn’t stop him from picking it up and thus saving it.

The little elephant was very scared and tired, he really needed help.

Thanks to this wonderful man and his colleagues, the little elephant returned to its mother again.

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It is also clear why.