Rescued baby lion can’t sleep without favorite blanket even though he’s now fully grown

Although these magnificent animals should live freely, some do not have that opportunity.

Fortunately, there are people who try to save as many of these unfortunate animals as possible.

When we say people who try, we mean Vicky Keahey.

She is responsible for the existence of the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center.

Lambert, this little lion, was lucky enough to end up in the hands of this wonderful woman and her team.

This little lion had a hard life. He was often hungry, but since 2014, when he was rescued, that has come to an end.

Angela Culver, who is also part of the team, told Bored Panda that this lion was a member of one family. That family didn’t have permission to keep it, but they did it anyway. When they no longer wanted him with them, they invited these people who couldn’t wait to receive the lion.

Although at first it was strange for him when he came to the rescue center, he quickly got used to it. He loved one blanket that he didn’t want to sleep without. Everyone loved him.

The wonderful people at this rescue center are responsible for Lambert’s progress towards a better life.

He does not want to leave his blanket even now that he has grown up.

There is a lot of space to play and run in this place.

Source: Majestic Animals