Risking himself bite a cobra to save owner, brave dog staggered few steps and gone forever

One day the owner of the beautiful Dalmatian, Ameen Sharif, heard the barking and came out of the house.

Then he saw a sight that he will probably never forget. His beloved dog Tyson fought with an Indian cobra.

Ameen and the other housemates could not help this brave dog.

When the dog killed the snake, Ameen came closer to check on Tyson and that’s when he noticed a bite on his face.

Immediately Ameen sent the video of the snake to expert Subhend Mallik who gave him some tips for the dog.

He said that the dog had to go to the vet immediately, but unfortunately it died in a short period of time.

Ameen confirmed to Ommcom News that his loyal dog died after a fight with a snake.

Since all this happened at 2 am, Ameen failed to make a call to the vets, and unfortunately the dog died.

This brave dog saved the whole family from a dangerous snake. His family will surely be forever grateful to him.

In Bhubaneswar, Odisha, there was no veterinary service at that time, which is why, unfortunately, there was no help for the dog.

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