The 73-year-old man recovers quickly after being reunited with his beloved dog

Dogs have convinced us many times that they are our best friends.

James Wathen is a man who is terminally ill. He is 73 years old and is at Baptist Health Corbin, Corbin, Kentucky.

When James’ condition began to deteriorate, the nurses realized what could help him. It was about his little one-eyed dog that he adored.

They soon brought Bubba to his owner and that’s when they realized they had done the right thing.

Deanna Myers, director of the Knox Whitley Animal Shelter, said it’s clear that animals are not only pets but also our good friends.

Bubba was also very sad for his owner, but then he had to go to the Knox Whitley Animal Shelter.

After some time, the wonderful nurses reunited this duo. James said he feels much more relaxed when he’s hanging out with his dog.

Bubba had a very positive effect on his owner to the point that he made a full recovery.

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