See the gratitude of this adorable pup after being rescued from a 200-foot cliff

Meet Safira, the cherished family dog residing in Ituporanga, Brazil. Known for her joyful demeanor and affectionate kisses, Safira’s sudden disappearance caused distress and worry among her family members. Despite exhaustive efforts, her owner couldn’t locate her for three agonizing days.

Finally, the worried owner discovered Safira, but the situation was dire. Safira had inadvertently descended halfway down a daunting 200-foot cliff in Chapadío Trés Barras and was stranded, a mile away from home. Fortunately, she had miraculously landed on a leafy ledge about 80 feet down, preventing severe injuries.

Corpo de Bombeiros/Divulgação

Although physically unharmed, Safira was visibly traumatized and unable to move. Desperate to rescue his beloved pet, the owner hesitated about involving the fire department, fearing they might not assist. Ultimately, he made the crucial call, and the Ituporanga Military Fire Department promptly intervened, embodying their motto: “When seconds count, count on us”.

Corpo de Bombeiros/Divulgação

Executing a challenging rescue, the IMFD team successfully repelled down 25 meters to reach Safira. Overjoyed to see her rescuers, Safira wagged her tail as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude. Once safely on solid ground, she expressed her thanks by lavishing everyone, including the firefighters, with appreciative licks.

Corpo de Bombeiros/Divulgação

This heartwarming rescue story quickly captivated millions, showcasing the positive impact of human kindness. Fernando, one of the firemen involved, noted that rescuing dogs in Ituporanga wasn’t unprecedented, praising Safira’s owner for not giving up and reaching out for assistance.

Safira, reunited with her loving family, now enjoys her days to the fullest, a testament to the compassion and collaborative efforts that led to her remarkable rescue.