Steve McQueen’s grandson grew as handsome as the legend, and he’s already a TV star

At the age of 34, Steven R. McQueen stands as an outstanding actor, inheriting the remarkable talent and striking good looks from his grandfather, the legendary Steve McQueen, who was the epitome of Hollywood cool.

Born in 1988, eight years after the iconic Steve McQueen’s untimely demise, Steven carries on the family legacy with a passion for acting.

Chad McQueen, the renowned race car driver and former actor, is the son of the late Steve McQueen, making Steven R. McQueen the heir apparent to this Hollywood dynasty.

Despite not having the chance to know his grandfather, Steven acknowledges the immense influence and inspiration that Steve McQueen’s career has had on him.

The elder McQueen, known for his roles in classics like Bullitt, Sand Pebbles, The Magnificent Seven, and The Great Escape, was a Hollywood bad boy with steely blue eyes that captivated audiences.

Forbes recognized him as one of the highest-paid deceased celebrities in 2017, solidifying his enduring impact on popular culture.

In addition to his cinematic legacy, McQueen’s personal items have become iconic collectibles. From a 1963 Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso fetching $2.3 million at auction to a pair of Persol sunglasses from The Thomas Crown Affair selling for $70,200, fans eagerly seek out pieces of the McQueen mystique.

Steven R. McQueen, a near-exact duplicate of his late grandfather, entered the world of acting with reservations about living up to the iconic Steve McQueen’s reputation.

Describing it as both a “bane and boon”, Steven acknowledges the pressure but embraces it as motivation to forge his own path in the industry.

His journey into acting began at the age of 17, following in the footsteps of his grandfather. However, it wasn’t an obvious career choice for him initially.

Growing up with his mother and stepfather, former professional hockey player Luc Robitaille, Steven found inspiration not only in his family’s artistic roots but also in performances by actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean.

Steven’s breakout role came in 2009 with the supernatural TV series The Vampire Diaries, where he portrayed Jeremy Gilbert, a character entangled in a world of vampires and ghosts.

Reflecting on the experience, Steven notes the freedom that the supernatural genre provides in storytelling.

Beyond The Vampire Diaries, Steven has showcased his versatility in projects like Piranha, modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch, and taking on prominent roles in series like Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.

He also reprised his role as Jeremy in the 2018 episode of The Vampire Diaries spinoff, Legacies, and featured in the Medal of Honor anthology series.

Acknowledging the expectations tied to his famous surname, Steven embraces the challenge, expressing his competitive spirit and determination to carve out his own identity.

As a remarkable young talent, Steven R. McQueen undoubtedly carries the torch of his grandfather’s legacy, making him a must-watch actor in today’s entertainment landscape.