What will the son of the world’s most beautiful man look like when he grows up and outgrows his father?

In recent accounts, Omar has earned the title of “the most captivating man in the world”.

Fast forward several years, and he now boasts a child who, by all predictions, is poised to outshine his father in terms of sheer attractiveness.

In the typical fashion of any proud parent, Omar openly shares images of his offspring on various online platforms.

Supporters of the young one fervently believe that he is destined to inherit his father’s model-like looks.

Contrary to the popular opinion surrounding the child’s lineage, Omar insists that his son has predominantly inherited his wife’s stunning beauty, presenting as a genuine reflection of her features.

Committing to savor every precious moment with his son, Omar expresses his profound pride in the birth of his child, marking it as a pivotal moment in his life.

With a desire to etch these early days into his memory, he pledges to dedicate every available moment to creating lasting memories with the newest addition to his family.