Stray cat comforting up an abandoned puppy caught on camera

Just as it is difficult for people to be alone, it is also difficult for animals. Everyone deserves someone who will love and care for them. This dog deserves that too.

Unfortunately, the owners had to leave him, even though they didn’t want to. Then this dog was left to fend for itself. However, a cat with a big heart approached him on the street and comforted him.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

After his owners had to go to a home for the elderly, the dog was left alone. For months after that, he wandered around the place where he used to live. He hoped for their return.

The unfortunate dog was very sad. The neighbors gave him something to eat from time to time. They saw a special sight one day when a cat approached this dog. She hugged him as if to comfort him. A truly amazing scene.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

This dog loves people and does not run away from them. That’s the difference between him and this cat. That’s what the neighbor says.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

People from the area built a small house for this special duo. However, they prefer to lie together on the stairs. I guess they are used to it.

The only important thing is that they are always together. They are each other’s comfort and support, no matter how different they are.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

Although they were often fed, people felt that the duo would be better off in a rescue center. They took them there.

The vet determined that both were healthy. Later they even got names. Meong the dog and Nyang the cat are now living their happy life.