New law will make it illegal to leave dogs outside in extreme weather

Many times it happens that dogs die after spending a lot of time in bad weather. Although it is not always about bad owners, it still happens.

Sometimes owners simply don’t understand that fur can’t help their dogs all that much.

Darrin Camilleri, a Democratic representative, is responsible for the new law that will not allow such things to be done. No one will be allowed to leave their dog outside in poor conditions.

According to WZZM, Jennifer Self-Aulgur said that they encounter a lot of dogs suffering because of the bad weather.


This is big news in Michigan.

The penalties for those who do not follow the law will be quite severe. It is about fines and going to prison.

As WZZM states, in addition to Michigan, there are several other states that take care of pets in this way.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site