Stray dog walks to pharmacy and asks for help her injured paw

Banu Cengiz is a pharmacist in Turkey who recently had the opportunity to help an unfortunate dog.

One day she noticed a stray dog ​​walking in front of her pharmacy. Banu then realized that the dog needed something.

The dog was looking at Banu as if she wanted to tell her something, but she couldn’t.

Then Banu came to her to see what was wrong and realized that her paw was injured.

The dog then started wagging its tail to get help and put its paw on Banu’s hand.

Banu immediately brought the dog into the pharmacy, treated her wound and fed and watered her.

The dog was very calm during the whole process because she obviously knew that Banu wanted to help her with all her heart.

When everything was over, the dog lay down on the dog bed and rested there until the end of the working day.

Banu tried to find this dog, like many strays, a home full of love and care.