The bus driver helps two lost dogs return home to reunite with their family for Christmas

When Jamie Grabowski, driver of the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS), finished her ride she accidentally saw dogs wandering down the street. She knew they were cold and could get hurt on the road, so she put them on the bus.

After inviting them in, she contacted MCTS dispatchers to explain to them what the situation was and that something unusual was happening.

She hung out with these strays for a while, after which a policeman came and took the dogs to an institution that would accept them.

In the end, it was learned that the dogs had run away from their family and that they had managed to walk as far as four kilometers away from home. The whole family was looking for them, but luckily Jamie found herself in the right place at the right time and saved the situation.

The dogs are now back with their family on Christmas.

Jamie joked a bit when she said that she is actually a dog whisperer, but in any case she is very happy that she managed to bring the two little naughty boys back home to her family.

The family of course held a meeting with Jamie to thank her nicely for this beautiful act. MCTS posted photos of the encounter and wrote that Jamie had another chance to see the two little boys she rescued. And on that occasion she met and talked to a very grateful family who got their dogs back.

This is one happy Christmas family story.