The husband secretly constructed a shed in the yard and refused to let anyone in!

Meet Charles Evans, affectionately known as LaLa by all his friends at the age of 82. His heartwarming story begins with a vivid recollection of his first encounter with Louise, the love of his life. Chuckling, he reminisces: “It was clearly love at first sight”. However, the narrative takes a somber turn with Louise’s passing. Despite the heartbreak, LaLa channels his grief into a touching tribute, an outdoor memorial in the yard where he and his beloved spent 59 wonderful years together.

The memorial, a shed adorned with the walls covered in hundreds, if not thousands, of images captured by LaLa and his family over the years, stands as a testament to their shared memories. LaLa confesses: “We even discussed creating a museum before she passed away to house all of these photographs”. Despite time constraints, he insisted on turning this dream into reality, driven by the idea that had lingered since their conversations. “A few months after she died, I promised myself that I would make the dream we shared a reality.”

Dancing was a cherished pastime for LaLa and Louise, shaping the essence of their relationship. The museum’s walls showcase glimpses of the couple dancing through the years. The photograph capturing their final dance, prominently displayed in the foyer, holds a special place in LaLa’s heart. Reflecting on this memory, he acknowledges: “Only now do I realize how much beauty there has been in our life”.

With a newfound perspective, LaLa exclaims: “WOW, I LIVED!” Determined to share the joy of their life, he opens the museum to anyone willing to dance. The film takes you on a journey inside this extraordinary museum, a celebration of life, love, and beauty.