This baby was born with a very unique face and here is how she looks today

Experience the remarkable journey of Tessa, a young woman who has defied expectations, having entered the world without a nose and blossomed into an exceptionally unique individual.

Tessa, a living embodiment of individuality, has always occupied a distinctive place in the hearts of those acquainted with her. Despite being labeled as “special” and “different” due to her condition, her inner strength remains unyielding.

It is crucial to grasp the rarity of her diagnosis. Recent research indicates that only a minuscule fraction of the global population, around a hundred infants, share this extraordinarily uncommon condition. Her mere existence serves as a testament to the rich and diverse tapestry of humanity.

Although Tessa lacks the sense of smell, she navigates the involuntary act of sneezing and confronts the complexities of allergic rhinitis (ARI) with resilience. Her capacity to adapt and triumph over challenges is truly extraordinary.

Since her formative years, Tessa showcased an insatiable curiosity and an unshakable dedication to acquiring knowledge. Her parents, unwaveringly proud and supportive, have consistently harbored a steadfast belief in her potential for a promising future.

Presently, eight years into her journey, Tessa emerges as a symbol of fortitude and resilience. Her life, marked by challenges, includes navigating heart problems and grappling with partial blindness in one eye. Nevertheless, these obstacles only serve to strengthen her resolve to seize each day to its fullest.

The horizon holds a glint of optimism for Tessa and her family. In the realm of advancing science and medicine, there’s hope that, one day, Tessa might have the opportunity to undergo a procedure for an artificial nose, presenting a chance to align more closely with societal notions of “normal”.

Tessa’s odyssey serves as an inspiration, not exclusively for individuals with unique conditions but for anyone confronting life’s adversities. It underscores the message that with steadfast support and unwavering determination, one can triumph over even the most extraordinary circumstances.