The neighbors noticed this man digging huge holes and filling soil sacks in the backyard

In the summer of 2020, Alex Dodman, a resident of Essex, UK, embarked on an ambitious venture: transforming his backyard into a swimming pool oasis. Having recently moved into a new property with his partner, Sarah, the couple faced a project that demanded both attention and skill.

With a keen eye for cost-effective solutions, Alex scoured Facebook for most of the project’s components, managing to save substantial sums compared to hiring professional contractors. From material transport to renting a digger and excavating the site, Alex took charge of every aspect of the project.

Putting his DIY skills to the test, Alex also handled the tiling and plumbing, significantly reducing the overall remodeling cost to approximately $10,000—merely a fraction of the traditional expense. Alex’s determination and hard work paid off as he successfully achieved his goal of providing his family with a private retreat. However, Alex’s latest undertaking surpasses all previous projects.

Having moved in with his fiancée, Sarah, their two children, Allie and Eddie, Alex has embarked on the complete reconstruction of their family home. Demonstrating his proficiency as a DIY enthusiast, he previously saved £75,000 by creating a home theater and gym. Now, his sights are set on an even more ambitious project—building a house for his family.

Alex’s dream of having a swimming pool in his garden inspired him to become an amateur builder. Identifying an area in need of attention, he delved into extensive research to understand the entire construction process. With meticulous planning and a comprehensive understanding of tools and methods, Alex set out to turn his dream into reality.

Though he initially believed creating a pool would be a straightforward task, Alex encountered unforeseen challenges after acquiring the necessary materials. Overcoming obstacles required time, energy, and financial investment, as well as the application of complex problem-solving skills. Undeterred, Alex persevered through the hurdles imposed by the unexpected, ultimately realizing his goal of establishing an enticing sanctuary in his garden.

Motivated by a YouTube video depicting a woman building a pool in Holland, Alex pushed forward despite delays caused by the unavoidable disruptions of Covid. He sourced materials with his own hands, leveled the land in meticulous preparation, and tackled every aspect of the construction process. Through unwavering dedication and hard work, Alex proudly claims: “I did every last part of it all by myself”.