Two Dogs with Deformities Were Adopted By the Same Family

Liesl Wilhardt, the founder and director of Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon, extended her compassionate care to Picasso and Newt, whom she adopted in 2017 and 2021, respectively.

Picasso, a five-year-old canine, was born with a condition known as wry mouth, causing a twisted snout reminiscent of his artistic namesake, Pablo Picasso. In 2017, following the demise of Picasso’s brother, Pablo, Liesl welcomed him into her home. Newt, a one-year-old dog with no upper jaw due to an unfortunate incident with his mother, joined the family in 2021.

Despite their physical deformities and Newt’s medical challenges, Picasso and Newt formed an inseparable bond. Wry mouth, while not causing discomfort, often poses challenges for pets in finding adoptive homes. However, Liesl Wilhardt ensured that both dogs not only found a loving home but also flourished in their newfound happiness.

Reflecting on their journey, Liesl mentioned that Picasso’s survival as a puppy was nothing short of a miracle. Newt faced even greater obstacles, yet the challenges did not stem from his lack of an upper jaw. Both dogs, she noted, embraced interactions with people, capturing attention with their unique appearances.

Witnesses would often engage in double takes, attempting to comprehend the extraordinary nature of Picasso and Newt. Despite their physical limitations, Liesl emphasized that the dogs experience no pain and have adapted remarkably well, achieving almost everything they desire.

The heartwarming story underscores the resilience of these dogs and the transformative power of love and acceptance.