The best last days, a nurse opened a hospice for dogs and makes their dreams come true

Nicola is a nurse who takes care of dogs, who did not have a very comfortable life. Many of them were abused, and when it came to getting cancer, no one was with them. This nurse decided to make it a little more beautiful, so that their last days will become their best days.

Nicola Coyle cared for animals that were sick for many years. She worked as a nurse in a dog rescue service. She soon stopped working, but continued to help unfortunate animals.

She had an idea about starting some business of her own. So soon a project arose which she decided to call Gray Snout and it was a hospice for dogs. There were abandoned dogs sentenced to death.

She accepts dogs that are not older than half a year and she is ready for anything so that her “patients” can have the happiest last days.

She enjoys walking with them, going through various adventures, going on excursions and even to pubs. There was a situation where one dog wanted to see a police car, so she gave him access.

Their birthdays are always a real event. It will be a party with a lot of guests about the cake treat.

£ 500 costs her doing the job, i.e. supporting the dog. She spent her money for a long time, so she decided to accept donations from people who want to do it voluntarily.

With many years of experience, Nicole still endures everything very hard. He sympathizes with each dog, gets very close to him and mourns every time one of them dies.

As stressful as her job is, she still wants to do it every day. He wants to make sure that all dogs leave this world happy. Thanks to her, these little unhappy animals spend their last days in great love, delicious food and happiness.