The dog helped the little raccoons that wandered along the road in search of food and shared his food with them

The dog decided to treat the raccoons to a great dinner.

In the US, it is not uncommon for raccoons to appear in homes and on the streets. In Barnesville, Ohio, residents stumbled upon several small raccoons near their homes.

It is clear that they were starving, wandering for a long time and looking for food. People were not a problem for them, so they did not run away from them. The owners of the homes, near which the raccoons were, decided to feed them. They had a small dog, Chef, who voluntarily shared his meal with the raccoons.

A lot of emotion was produced by this video. He shows the companionship of a dog and a raccoon over dinner, which we can safely say is one of the most beautiful we have seen.

The owners wrote that Chef likes to eat together with raccoons, so they wondered if he also thought he was a raccoon…