The only woolly pig species in the world resembles a sheep and behaves like a dog

Mangalica is a type of pig that hardly anyone knows about. This pig looks like a sheep.

This animal is a combination of a pig and a sheep.

It is a pig that has curly hair like a sheep. It looks like someone wanted to pair these two different animals.

However, this is actually a pig, although it has the appearance of a sheep.

This animal is often said to be a sheep pig. As breeders say, these animals can be tamed to be pets like dogs.

Mangalica is the only woolly pig that currently exists. This species was bred in Hungary in the 19th century.

In the 20th century, these pigs were very popular in Hungary.

Soon their popularity declined and at the end of that century only a few hundred of these pigs remained.

Fortunately, certain people recognized the qualities of this species and took measures in time to continue breeding.

Now there are about 7,000 sows in Hungary, which annually give birth to 60,000 piglets.

Due to its incredibly thick coat, this type of pig can withstand low temperatures very well.

In addition, mangalice have many other qualities.

But just imagine brushing this pig, it seems like an impossible job.

Regardless, this type of pig is really fascinating.

This is only a part of what nature provides us, we cannot even imagine how rich nature really is.