Little girls are moved to tears after deputy reunites them with their missing dog

Few people do not feel sadness when parting with a beloved pet, especially when the dog disappears.

However, one family felt lucky when they were reunited with their dog.

Max is a family dog ​​from Texas. One day he just disappeared and left his sad family behind.

They looked for him everywhere, but there was no sign of him.

After some time, Deputy Perez of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a surprising call.

Someone said they noticed a dog that was missing.

When Perez arrived, he realized that it was actually the dog from the flyer. He immediately informed the family, who could not hide their delight.

Perez then realized how connected that family really is with the dog Max.

The photos shared by the sheriff’s office are truly touching.

On them, you can see two little girls hugging their dog, and one of them cried.

Probably, at that moment, this family could not imagine greater happiness.

Thanks to the deputy, this family is now back together and everyone is happy.

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Source: The Animal Club