The quirky cat has finally found a temporary home, after losing a man who took care of her

Bubby came to Boyd Abbott for years as long as he was alive. His family and relatives wanted to take care of this pet, but he unexpectedly got lost, so he soon returned.

Bubby was a homeless man who had a tumultuous life. He was without one paw and did not have a full tail. With all that, he has a very strange and special life story. In 2012, he walked around Grand Falls Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada without any goals. Then after a while he appeared in Boy Abbott’s kitchen. After that, she often returned to his house and even went inside.

The whole family soon fell in love with this little unusual cat. Everyone took care of him with pleasure. But Bubby didn’t want what every other cat wants, a normal family life. He was often out of the house, going everywhere and coming back. Everyone was ready for Bubby’s behavior like that so they always let him out. Abbott unfortunately left this world after a few years, and more than anything he wanted Bubby not to be neglected further. He wanted his family to continue to care for him. But after a while Bubby left and that was the end of it. They never saw each other again, and the family soon moved.

In mid-2019, the cat was again seen in the neighborhood. Ray Pinsent, a former neighbor of the Abbot family, recognized Bubby. He knew he had once been part of that family.

Ray and the new homeowner then talked about that special cat. They agreed that the young man would let the cat go the next time he came into the house. So, the next day, the guy told this woman that the cat had appeared in the kitchen. Ray took him and took him to the shelter. He got a vet. Sarah McLeod was a volunteer and agreed to take the cat for a while, though she was aware it would take forever.