A small cat, with a very unusual nose, does not want to live without love and attention

Another proof that diversity can contribute a lot.

Fedya is not like most cats, he lived very hard and is sick now. His little weird face is the main reason why he became popular on the internet.

Fedya has been in pain since birth. He lost his mother when he was very young. Lisa died after giving birth, although she was under the constant attention and care of the owner Natalija. Fedya went through that period with his sister.

He always had a strange face along with eyes and paws.

Natalya was ready to give them a new home and all possible love. She soon found a new family for his sister who was willing to take care of her, but it was different with Fedya. Not everyone wanted him because of his unusual appearance.

The cat who was near Fedya decided to take care of him and thus become his new mother. She often licked him, warmed him and taught him many things that other cats do. Although she was a few months old, she tried hard to help him.

As Natalya says, he is still the most common cat for them, which does not differ in appearance from other cats. But she is very glad that so many people love him, because it complements and motivates her.