The woman was not home for 2 days and when she came back she found tiny newborn babies on her bed

Olivia Longstaff from the USA, shared a video on the internet that made everyone speechless.

She had just started living in that country house.

She was out for a few days, and when she returned she found what she would never have expected.

That’s 6 little rats. As she says, she heard some sounds as soon as she sat on the bed.

There was no rat mother nearby, but there were surprises for the girl. This rats were found on a blanket.

The comments were varied. A lot of them wrote that they should move away as soon as possible and move out, and there were also those who said that it would be best to start taking care of newborn rats.


There was another blanket over them when I sat down! #fyp #farmlife #wwoofing #mice

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