A cat on the run from the fire jumped from the fifth floor, the footage is fascinating

When the unfortunate cat fell to the floor, she bounced once, and then as soon as she was able to escape from that ugly scene.

This cat was left at “only” eight lives after an incredible jump from the top of the building.

Firefighters in charge of rescuing the building itself from the fire managed to capture the cat’s incredible jump.

She first touched the window and where she was supposed to jump, and when she felt the space she decided to jump to the bottom of the building. She even managed to move away from the wall that would probably bother her when landing, according to CBS.

When she fell, she bounced a little, and soon escaped from that place.

Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said the cat went under his vehicle and decided to be there for a while until he regained consciousness due to the crash. She then began measuring the wall for the purpose of checking for potential back climbing.

It is not known why the building started burning, but it is important that no one was injured, even counting the cat, says Langford.