They heard barking coming from underground, then they removed bricks to reveal a dog buried alive

In a startling incident in Russia, a sidewalk unexpectedly collapsed, leaving behind a substantial hole in the brickwork. Little did anyone know, this opening would become an unwitting refuge for a pregnant dog named Birka, who sought shelter within its confines, thinking it would be a safe haven for her and her soon-to-arrive puppies.

Workers soon arrived at the scene to repair the collapsed sidewalk, completely unaware of Birka’s presence in the hole. They diligently began laying down new bricks to mend the sidewalk, inadvertently sealing the fate of the trapped dog.

As time passed, the muffled barks of the distressed dog could be faintly heard emanating from beneath the newly restored sidewalk. Concerned bystanders quickly alerted the authorities, but regrettably, their response was not swift enough to save the trapped canine.

In a courageous act of compassion, one man took matters into his own hands and embarked on a daring rescue mission. Armed with determination and a shovel, he started excavating the layers of bricks that confined the terrified dog.

After a relentless effort, he reached the depth where Birka was trapped, and her fearful eyes met his. While the rescue was ultimately successful, the unfortunate news was that her puppies did not survive the ordeal.

Nevertheless, Birka was finally freed from her underground prison, and her safety was ensured. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for greater vigilance and caution during construction work to prevent such heartbreaking situations. We can only hope that lessons have been learned and that workers will exercise increased care in the future.