This adorable dog was abandoned because of his unusual face

A lot of us consider a dog to be our best friend. They are always there for us to cheer us up with their energy and loyalty, especially when we feel bad. They always want to hang out, play and cuddle with us.

There are countless breeds in the world, but they all have their virtues. What makes them special to us is not their appearance but their love and behavior. And as far as looks go, their dog is the cutest in the world for everyone.

But there are always exceptions, people who only care about the appearance of the dog. Beaux Tox had a very unpleasant experience. Because he is forced to live with a slightly different appearance than other dogs due to the deformity he has, not everyone accepts him as much as the others.

It’s sad to watch a dog who is always happy and smiling suffer for something he can’t influence.

Some people don’t want this dog in their family just because of a slightly different look, but among them is not Jamie Hulit, who fell in love with this dog.

She said she saw Beaux on Facebook when her friend posted a picture of him with a description that she was looking for someone to house him. Then she contacted him and decided to provide a home for this cute dog.

No matter what, he doesn’t stop laughing and enjoying life.

It all started while he was in his mother’s womb, when he ran out of room to develop because there were 6 other dogs with him. Then a “sunken cranium” and rather closed eyes developed.

Hulit said it all happened with his deformity because he was removed from the path of real growth and that’s it. He also stressed that it does not affect his intelligence in the least. This was also confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging. He is perfectly healthy and enjoys life for a reason.

According to Hulit, it was not easy to sell this dog by his breeders, because his face is different from other dogs. That’s why they decided to give it away for free.

Beaux ended up with a man from Austin. He called him Lucky. When he saw that his cats did not want to hang out with Beaux, the man decided to send him outside and isolate him from everyone. He spent years outside, completely alone without any special care from his owner. He didn’t even get the food he needed, he was neglected, he didn’t even have a bed.

The shelters that heard of this tried their best to do something so that Beaux could continue to live a normal life, but all to no avail. Soon Hulit went to his house and when she saw a poor, hungry, neglected dog, all she could think about was how to get him out of there.

This is what he looked like when she first saw him. She could not believe that anyone was capable of doing something like this to a poor innocent being.

Hulit sympathizes with all these bad moments with Beaux, because she also spent her childhood with foster parents because of which she went through many houses and many foster parents until she found her real home.

She explained that she just wanted the whole situation around Beaux’s life to calm down and find a real home. That’s why she took Beaux directly from his previous owner. He was very happy at that moment.

The chances of Beaux Tox surviving were not too great, said the vet who examined him. He had some heart disease which as a result could have destroyed all his organs. Dr. Jay Rydberg was given about a 50% chance to get on with his life. Hulit always believed and hoped until the last moment. She said she would never stop trying to change the life of that little cute creature.

He had health problems for a while, but his new mom didn’t even think to give up.

There were times when it seemed like Beaux couldn’t take it anymore and everything looked really bad, but he had great support. Dr. Rydberg and Hulit did not separate from him in any way. The fight continued.

It lasted for several months. Beaux overcame a lot, and then his health started to get better. He was slowly gaining weight which meant a lot to him. Unfortunately, he was left deaf in his left ear forever and his eyesight is not the best, but overall his health has improved a lot.

Hulit said some people pay paperwork for their dogs as much as needed, but that she feels like she bought him a health certificate. She is very happy for him because he finally has his freedom.

Obviously, Beaux has changed a lot since he is cared for by someone he means, Hulit.

This is one of his siblings and he is very happy to be hanging out together.

This is another one of them. It’s amazing how good the two of them have become.

Hulit is overjoyed that Beaux has managed to get to where he is now. He endured it all and deserved to be happy.

He loves life and should use it.