Kittens can’t stop cuddling with the police officer who saved their lives

There are even more than 70 million cats living in the United States who do not have their own homes. So says the source, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).Many of them reach the shelter because people find them. However, there are still many unlucky people on the street because people can’t find them.

When they want to bring a new furry friend in the form of a cat into their family, they mostly look for such in shelters. These are little kittens who were in a very bad situation in the middle of the street, but were still rescued.

Adkins and Hillard are officers tasked with coming out to inspect the theft that occurred in TJ Maxx, Arlington, Texas.

A woman stopped them as they went on a mission and asked them to help her. As she said, there were two very small but cute kittens under the car. Leaning down, they saw kittens watching them intently.

Adkins made an effort to pull the kittens out without any injuries, which he eventually succeeded in doing.

He went to his car after a while, and these cute creatures didn’t separate from him, they just cuddled with him.

Then the two of them took the kittens to the vets who were in charge of treating that animals. The vet examined them and found that they were about 6 weeks old. Their health was very good.

Arlington Police

Adkins literally fell in love with them by feeding them a bottle.

Then he realized he wanted to adopt them. Soon these two little sweets got their names too. These are TJ and Max.

Arlington Police

At first, he didn’t think it would give them a warm home, but it seems that the kittens decided to want it in their lives.