This is Zeus, the adorable blind rescue owl with twinkling eyes like the starry night sky

The blind owl Zeus is not like other owls. He was found on the porch in Southern California.

This unfortunate owl had an accident due to blindness. He was very scared and hurt then.

When the vet treated him for his injuries, he decided not to release him into the wild because his blindness would make his life very difficult.

His current home is at the Wildlife Learning Center of Sylmar, California. It is located on a filing cabinet in Paul Hahn’s office.

By the way, Paul Hahn is the founder of this center.

Zeus’ appearance is truly fascinating. His special eyes are the result of clots of fibrin and blood pigment.

According to the Wildlife Learning Center, people are very surprised when they see Zeus open his eyes. They often cry.

Fortunately, Zeus is now very well taken care of and he is not in any pain.

You can read more information on the Wildlife Learning Center’s website.

Source: Just something