Woman saves injured 55-pound dog’s life by carrying him on her shoulders to safety for 6 hours

Tia is a person who would do absolutely anything to help animals.

She and her father went hiking one day to enjoy each other’s company.

However, when they were going back, they got unexpected company.

This single mother noticed an injured dog at one point after 3 hours of walking.

This unfortunate animal could hardly move at all.

They soon examined the dog, even though they don’t know much about veterinary medicine, and realized that he could no longer walk.

Given that they had about 6 hours left to walk to the first village, they knew that a difficult journey awaited them.

Tia lifted this dog onto her shoulders and slowly walked to the nearest help.

This was the only way to get the dog the help it needed.

Tia’s father, who is 76 years old, was not strong enough to take care of carrying the dog.

That work was done by Tia all the way.

This amazing woman said she was determined to keep carrying the dog until she could find help.

She also says that it is definitely one of the hardest things she has done in her life.

As strong as Tia is, it’s almost impossible to be prepared for this.

Although she thought of giving up because it was really hard work, Tia continued until the end.

After a very long hike, the dog was successfully brought to the vet.

He spent a month and a half in a cast, but successfully recovered.

It was later learned that the dog’s name was Boomer.

Since the veterinarians were able to get in touch with the owners, they found out that the dog had fallen from a high cliff and was thus injured.

They didn’t think the dog survived, but he proved the opposite.

A truly amazing story of saving this brave creature.

Source: RONProject