Uncaring owner dumps dog at groomer, she’s been waiting 3 yrs in dingy basement

There are many bad pet owners, who hardly take care of them at all.

Eva is a dog who was abandoned in Queens when she was very young.

It happened in the grooming salon. She was abandoned by her owner, who said he would come back for her when she found a new home.

As he said, the building manager does not allow animals in the building. Unfortunately, he never returned for his dog.

During that time, Eva stayed in the basement.

At first he visited her, but later he stopped coming altogether. Obviously he didn’t even plan to take her back with him.

Fortunately, the hairdressers were very kind and took care of Eva. They fed her and gave her the best possible care.

However, when the evening came, this unfortunate dog stayed alone in the basement. Her owner no longer wanted her, that was the bitter truth.

After 3 years, they had to try to find a new home for this dog, because they faced resource constraints.

They contacted their friend Sam Taylor to help them with this case.

This unfortunate dog had a very difficult life. We hope that good people will do everything they can to place Eva in a warm home.