Rescuers cry “tears of joy” as long lost dog reunites with his mom

We meet stray dogs every day and look at them with a heavy heart.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to live in a warm home with their family.

However, this story is a little different.

People from “Happy Animals”, Ukraine, luckily found this unfortunate dog. He was very hungry and dirty. He lived on the street and barely survived.

When they got close to him, the dog was very friendly regardless of all the bad times he had been through.

People from the shelter posted pictures of the dog on social media in hopes of finding him a warm home.

To everyone’s surprise, a woman called who believed it was her long-lost dog. As she says, her dog was stolen 2 years ago and she never managed to find it.

When the woman showed up at the shelter, it turned out she was right.

It’s her lost dog, which is called Lady.

Watch their reunion: