UPS driver finds pit bull waiting for her every day, adopts him after owner’s passing

Katie Newhouser has been in this business for almost two decades. She probably met a lot of dogs while driving UPS. However, only one won her heart.

Facebook/Katie Newhouser

The beautiful dog Leo had an owner Tina, who unfortunately passed away. Katie learned this news when she once came to visit Leo. By the way, Katie came to their home several times a month.

Facebook/Katie Newhouser

Tina had a son, who didn’t have much free time. This is the reason Leo couldn’t get as much care as before.

Then Katie decided to ask him to become Leo’s new owner. Now Leo is enjoying himself with Katie’s other dogs.

Facebook/Katie Newhouser

Of course, everything was strange at first, but soon everyone connected. Now they are one big, inseparable family.

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