Vet cradles crying puppy like a baby to calm her after surgery

This veterinarian is a great man, and he showed it with his gesture.

The adorable scene was captured on camera. It shows us this wonderful man comforting a small dog after surgery. Life in a shelter can be really stressful for a dog.

In addition, the dog had to undergo an operation, which makes his life even more difficult. Fortunately, on the other hand, he was a gentle man with a big heart.

Facebook/BARCS Animal Shelter

Dennis Moses who works at BARCS Animal Shelter, is truly a wonderful man. In addition to doing his job as a surgical assistant at this shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, he is ready to take care of all the animals that come in.

This time it was Meesha. She was stressed about the necessary surgery, so Dennis calmed her down in his own way.

Facebook/BARCS Animal Shelter

Dennis told The Dodo that waking up after surgery is stressful for anyone, especially if you’re not aware of what happened at the time. As it is for humans, so it is for animals.

Facebook/BARCS Animal Shelter

The way Dennis comforts the little dog needs no special description. It’s really wonderful to see this.

The volunteers managed to record the whole scene and BARCS Animal Shelter shared it with all the people. It is clear why this scene soon became a sensation on the Internet.

Facebook/BARCS Animal Shelter

See what that wonderful moment looked like: