Veteran knowingly breaks the law to rescue overheated puppy locked in hot car

In high heat it is difficult both without clothes and with clothes.

Now imagine how difficult it is for animals with thick fur.

Facebook/Jason Minson

Dogs are one of the most endangered creatures in summer, they need to drink water very often.

This is the reason why we shouldn’t keep our best friends in the car in the summer.

Facebook/Jason Minson

Jason Minson from Virginia came across a dog that was locked in a car one day.

Since it was very hot, and Jason didn’t know how long the owner had been gone, he had to do something.

Facebook/Jason Minson

The dog must have been inside for a long time because it was panting a lot.

By the way, Jason is a military veteran, and he does landscaping every day.

Facebook/Jason Minson

Jason soon called 911 and they said they called the police.

While waiting for them, Jason gave a lot of water to the dog, which drank continuously.

He was very thirsty and looked worse as time went on.

Facebook/Jason Minson

Although the police told Jason not to break the windows, he couldn’t wait any longer.

He realized that every second was important for this dog’s life, and that’s when he broke the partially open window of the car.

Facebook/Jason Minson

Jason will not be held accountable for his actions because he saved an innocent life.

However, the same cannot be said for the owner who left the unfortunate dog in the car.

Jason is now happy because he gave this dog a new chance at life, and the dog was taken to the vet.

Facebook/Jason Minson

This dog no longer has the same owner, that’s clear.

This is a message to never leave your pets in the car in the summer.

Source: RONProject