A remarkable discovery when woman spots white “rock” on roadside

One day, Emerice Hallock was driving along a highway in Alberta with her brother, when she saw something unusual.

There was something white and bright next to the road. Her first thought was that it was a stone.

However, her brother took a closer look and realized the incredible truth.

Emerice Hallock

As Emerice told, at one point her brother told her that he saw an albino porcupine.

She didn’t take it seriously, but when she saw his reaction, she turned around. That was the truth.

There was indeed an albino porcupine next to the road, of which there are not many in the world. Out of 10,000 of them, only 1 is in this condition.

It was hard for them to believe what they saw.

Emerice Hallock

It was obvious that Emerice had never seen this creature before, as she was very surprised.

She managed to capture several photos of this fascinating looking creature.

Emerice Hallock

After a while of attracting attention, the porcupine returned to the forest and went on his way.

This scene will definitely be remembered by Emerice for the rest of her life.