When Angelina Jolie’s 15-year-old daughter decided she didn’t want to be a guy, she transformed into a true beauty

Shiloh Jolie-Pete made a striking appearance at the premiere of the movie “Maleficent”, accompanying her mother and older brothers. The attendees were captivated by the young girl’s presence, and accolades poured in from her mother’s circle of friends.

Known for her preference for comfortable attire, Shiloh had previously expressed that she didn’t identify with a feminine persona and had contemplated embracing a more masculine identity.

In a recent public appearance, the young model defied expectations by donning a Dior gown once worn by her mother. Opting for a minimal makeup look and styling her hair in a bun, Shiloh added a touch of femininity with earrings and ballerina flats.

It’s worth noting that Angelina Jolie is an advocate for thoughtful consumption, and all her children have embraced this ethos by selecting her old clothes and having them altered to suit their tastes. Each daughter, including Shiloh, chose a specific image that resonated with them and had the attire customized accordingly.

Fans of Shiloh couldn’t help but shower her with compliments, praising her stunning appearance and deeming the chosen outfit ideal for her. However, curiosity arose among some observers, prompting questions like: “Where was she hiding this beauty?” and inviting discussions about perceptions of a young beauty’s fashion choices.